Designing your homepage of your website is of prime importance and are often ranked highly on many websites. However, not many realize its crucial importance and just throw in some bland words about the history and mechanics of the company. As the web becomes an integral part of interactions with people, the About Us page on your website is an easy and effective way to engage your audiences in a personal and more friendly manner. This is your chance to impress your prospects and sell yourself. So make sure you make the best out of it.

Here are 7 things that you should consider when designing your homepage:

1. Your Brand Name

This is quite obvious! But still there is an alarming number of websites that forget to include their brand name in their About Us pages. However, simply mentioning the name of your company or business is seldom enough. What you need to inform your audiences is why is your company called what it is called. This is a great way to establish a personal connection with your visitors and present them with an interesting story about yourself!

2. Include Images

Images are not only a great way to enhance the visual appeal of pages but also earn the trust of your visitors. People like to see who they are dealing with and that is why you should always include photographs of your company or key business professionals on your website. This will let visitors see the force behind the website and trust you more.

3. Use the First Person

The best way to establish a personal connection with your visitors is to address them directly! So, instead of talking about your company or yourself in third person as it were someone else, use first person and introduce yourself directly. Not only will your content sound more personable, it will also create a stronger impact on visitors.

4. Address the Needs & Requirements of your Users

About Us page is the only place on your website where you can afford to be a little self-promotional and blow your own trumpet. However, it is important to make readers and prospects feel that they will benefit by contacting you. So while talking about yourself, make sure you present your business as the solution for the key concerns of your target audiences.

5. Keep the Content Up-to-Date

The content on About Us pages mainly traces the history of your company and business but don’t let the info become too stagnant. Make sure you update the content of your About Us page now and then. The News Room is a great place to update the recent events and happening pertaining to your business, but any awards or recognitions that you win sure needs to be showcased in your About Us pages too.

6. Use Crisp and Compelling Language

Even though About Us pages are an ideal place to provide detailed information about your company or business, don’t just go on and on lest you turn off your visitors. Instead, write only as mush as they would be interested to read. And use crisp and compelling language that entice visitors and build up their appetite to know more.

7. Place a Call-to-Action Button

So, they have read about your company and now know a little more about your business. What next? Where do you want your visitors to go after they have read your About Us page? Your portfolio? Your Contact Us page? Make sure you place a call-to-action button on your About Us page that will lead visitors to their next destination.

A professional web designer is a person who manages to ignore his personal likes and dislikes and creates the layout that satisfies and attracts the audience of the future site. Web design principles are generally accepted, but eventually changing recommendations on how to create comfortable and user friendly website interface. While some of them may work for some project others may do no good. Your project’s niche and goals are the factors that all your work should be based on, so don’t disregard some basic concepts of marketing, psychology, art and search engine optimization. Our team keeps this collection of guidelines up-to-date as technology and viewers’ preferences keep on evolving.

Success of a website depends on many important factors and included in designing your homepage. If one keeps the dos and don’ts of website designing in mind, the website will be a most visited, handy and expedient amongst the users. The sales ratio of the company selling its products online mainly depends on its website. If the website is easy to use and understand then it leaves a very good impression on the users leading to greater sales and publicity.

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